Thinking about a great spray tan for your wedding day?


You’ve just come to the right website! is the right site for our dearly loved clients who have always wished of being beautiful and charming on their wedding day. At, we delight our customers by giving them a tan appearance they have always craved for – a tan which has to be flawless. We do advise our clients for their special day to have a trial wedding spray tan so that they can picture themselves how they will look on their wedding day. So, gather all your lovely bridesmaids two weeks beforehand to have your trial run done, so you are happy with the colour of your tan for the big day! Remember that a spray tan is a form of cosmetic, so it is best to know beforehand how the spray will react on your skin.


Ladies, while waiting for your turn to get sprayed, why not have a camera ready and take some photos of each bridesmaid and of course the bride to be, and celebrate. Take your time to do it well, and be photographed through the whole session. Strike a pose and post them all on Facebook. Have a fun trial run!


We advise you not to get a dark tan as it will just mismatch with your white wedding gown, but rather go for a light and golden hue.


Wedding spray tan is a wonderful idea to enjoy during precious occasions. The cost and effort is very small compared to the fabulous benefits. Spray tan would also complement your hair shine, your sparkling eyes, and of course, your captivating smile.


All set? Great!

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