Mobile Spray Tan – Cork City

Mobile Spray Tan – Cork City

Mobile Spray Tan Cork

Getting a spray tan in less than an hour, in the privacy of your own home has just become a whole lot easier!

People nowadays want to get everything quick and easy. In some western countries, spray tanning is seemingly one of inclinations most women love. They choose it over the real time-consuming sunbathing. Whenever they get back from vacation, one thing people usually notice is their dark or tanned skin.

Mobile spray tanning services gives you an awesome sun-kissed tone in the convenience of your home. Mobile spray tanning brings a fast and painless service to your door. No more waiting for your turn in your favorite beauty salons. Anyone can achieve a lovely and flawless tanned skin at home without risking oneself to skin cancer and other possible skin diseases.

Here at Spray Tan Cork, our aim is to delight our customers, therefore, providing them with a quality and professional tanning service. We promise to give you that flawless tan that you have always craved for at a very reasonable price. Mobile tanning is the in-thing today most women love. You will get the same professional spray tan session as you get when you go to any professional tanning salon in town.

In Cork City, Spray Tanning is one of the latest trends. Mobile spray tanning parties are another event that the ladies are hosting in their homes and are ideal if you are looking for a party theme idea, why not Invite your friends around for that girly chat over a glass of vino and get a discount at the same time! Mobile spray tanning is also ideal for hen parties, pre-wedding, debs, and pre-holiday parties. Mobile spray tanning is also great during holidays while on vacation. Tanning is not only done during the summer, it can also be done during the holiday season and lets not forget the Christmas season! Gather all your friends/relatives and start your spray tanning party at home.

Since mobile spray tanning is popular in Cork City, a professional tanning technician will give you helpful advice on how to position yourself in the tanning cubicle. We will supply you with some disposable underwear or if you prefer, you can wear your own. Leave it on your skin for at least 7-8 hours before taking your shower. when showering, avoid scrubbing your body and don’t take long baths, or else your tan will fade easily. You are discouraged to go swimming as well as the chlorine speeds up the fading process. Moisturising your skin after you shower will help keep the lifetime of your newly sprayed tan. Always be sure you wear sun protection as your spray tan will not protect you from the sun.

Get ready and your mobile tanning team will be knocking on your door.

Happy tanning at home!